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The usage of crude oil has gone up exponentially within the last decade. This is contributing to global warming. While controversial, global warming is having dire effects on our planet. A solution for a reduced carbon footprint is the Bourke Engine. Download a PDF of all 10 slides.


  1. John Doe

    Very informative website!

    • Admin

      Thank you very much!

  2. robert branch

    hi, i have been following as best as able your progress with the bourke engine for nearly 20yrs, and am still in awe of russell bourke’s design,and am also in awe of the research that you have managed to do over the years
    into proving that it worked as “russ” claimed. i wish you well in your indeavors to get

    I would eventually love to attempt to build one [castings being biggest issue] followed by trying to find who still has piston grinding machines still

  3. robert branch

    sorry due to glitch in computor at my end the blog about world wide use of crude oil did not appear until after i left a comment that bourke engine,
    after reading blog which i found most informative ,i agree with john doe

    • Robert Zigler


      Thank you for taking the time to review our website. If you agree with the website content, please spread the word as most of the world is not aware that this engine exists. If we can make the website go viral, perhaps the masses can put pressure on engine manufacturers to adopt the design and we can all make an impact on climate change.


  4. Roger Richard

    Don’t forget to visit Bourke Engine TV on you tube for the latest load testing of an original 30″ engine against a kW load. Others on the net have all kinds of opinions, but no actual running rigs. We do. Was Russ right? Stay tuned !


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Global Warming

The chart shows the increase in global average temperature from 1850 to 2018.

Source: Berkeley Earth

Carbon Dioxide In Our Atmosphere 

Read all of the scientific reports!!!!!! We are at 415 parts per million, more than anytime in the last 800,000 years. The Bourke Engine using fuel from algae for all transportation and distributive power generation will reduce our carbon footprint for these activities by  AT LEAST 85%.


2019 – Was the Second Hottest Year on Record!!!!

Global Ocean Acidification

As our oceans absorb excess carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide reacts with the sea water forming carbonic acid which is changing the pH of our oceans making them more acidic. Research is ongoing as to how the increased acidic level of our oceans is affecting corals and marine life.

Source: IPCC 2007

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